HRCx is a commissioning consultancy committed to recognizing clients’ needs and developing customized solutions to ensure facilities and systems are fully functional and operate as intended. 


Operating with extreme accuracy and reliability, we analyze owners’ unique requirements and mitigate the risks involved to ensure that clients’ targets are met.  We follow a tradition of building strong relationships with our clients by providing an unmatched level of service on every project. Our strong commitment to technology and innovation has enabled us to adapt to change within the marketplace, as well as the changing business needs of our clients. 

Whether commissioning a new building or an existing building, we develop custom processes and check-points to identify and correct potential errors in their infancy.

Our acute knowledge of the commissioning process, paired with HVAC and electrical systems expertise, has translated into the development of commissioning services for specialized applications, such as mission critical environments. With sustainable design as a core value, we also carry out LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, as well as Building Enclosure Commissioning.


HRCx is committed to achieving your vision and enhancing the quality of facilities. Our knowledge of mechanical and electrical design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities enables us to interpret our clients’ needs and focus our efforts on optimizing the design for maximum performance.

With technical expertise in hand, we develop a comprehensive commissioning program from Pre-Construction Phase / Tender Award through to Warranty Review. We are deeply engaged From Concept to CompletionTM to ensure that design and construction meet the Owner’s objectives throughout.

Our commissioning program will be planned with continual consideration for the building owner, occupants and operator in order to optimize functional, performance, and operational requirements.  


HRCx provides a variety of services designed to suit the needs of our clients. These include:

New Building Commissioning
Existing Building Commissioning (Retro-Commissioning & Re-Commissioning)
LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning
Custom Systems Commissioning
Mission Critical Systems & Data Centre Commissioning
Building Enclosure Commissioning



Given the diversity of today’s facilities, we possess the knowledge and expertise to ensure the successful performance of your facilities in a variety of sectors. Our experience includes:

  • Institutional
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Mission Critical
  • Nuclear
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Transportation

The Commissioning Process

The HRCx Commissioning Process is based on the elements of commissioning identified in the ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013, LEED CaGBC and  CSA Z320 commissioning standards.  Building upon this basic framework, we adapt this model to suit project-specific requirements. 


Our Program offers a tailored solution that mirrors the client’s functional specifications and project schedule.  Whether you are commissioning a new or existing building, we provide a comprehensive approach that is positioned to successfully meet your objectives.

Each project is led by a designated Commissioning Authority (CxA) and Commissioning Specialist, selected based on their expertise to meet your specific project requirements. The CxA is responsible to the client for the success of the project. In addition, the CxA develops and implements the project-specific Commissioning Program, and directs the remainder of the assigned Project Team throughout its execution.

HRCx has also developed and implemented commissioning programs based on ASHRAE standards, LEED requirements, CSA standards, and the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) guidelines. Our goal is to provide you with a building that is not only fully functional and operational, but one that achieves your vision.


Backed by the engineering and technical resources of one of Canada’s premier engineering companies, The HIDI Group, HRCx is at arm’s length to the Group, ensuring that we remain objective throughout.

Founded in 1975, The HIDI Group is based in Toronto, with offices in Calgary, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Together, we have provided commissioning services for over a decade. 

The consultancy is a multidisciplinary Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting, Communications, Security, Risk & Resilience, and Commissioning consultancy with a staff of over 160 employees.  Built upon a skilled team of professional engineers, engineering technicians, designers and construction administration staff, the firm offers a broad range of engineering skills and production efficiency suitable for a wide variety of building types, and construction needs.  Its size enables us to design large complex projects, while always maintaining the Principals’ constant input throughout the design and construction of every project.

Passionate about fuelling your success through the delivery of integrated solutions, we analyze our disciplines in tandem to maximize efficiency, minimize operating costs, and manage risk.